Tuesday, September 07, 2004

..... Power Learning ........

Power learning gives u the power to control ur own learning, shows u how u can harness learning skills [planning, reading, research, notemaking, writing, presentation] into the easy 12-part power learning process, shows u the key strategies which drive this process, shows u how to manage ur time so that these learning skills and strategies become a habit.

Power learning teaches u easy to remember recipes for applying these learning skills and strategies, shows u how to direct these skills and strategies to meet the particular needs of a particular stage of the learning process.

Power learning works on the assumption that learning is not just a matter of mastering different skills such as notemaking, easy writing, reading, thinking, etc. Learning is a process. All these skills combine, like the parts of a car engine, into a process. You, as the learner, need to learn to drive this process.



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